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Brazil Cajamanga Natural Anaerobic

  • Another micro-lot from Santa Monica farm!
    This coffee roasted for espresso is a vibrant complex of flavours. Notes of maple and hazelnut are surrounded by bright berry acidity reminiscent of strawberry. With each sip, you'll uncover a complex flavour profile that pays homage to the meticulous anaerobic fermentation process with gold yeast and Cajamanga.

    Origin:  Brazil
    Region:  Alta Mogiana
    Farm:  Santa Monica
    Producer:  Jean Vilhena Faleiros
    Variety:  Catucai 2SL
    Process:  Natural Anaerobic
    Elevation:  1220 m
    Best for:  Espresso
    Strength:  Full Body
    Tasting Notes:  Berries, Maple, Hazelnut