Brazil Boa Esperanca

Brazil Boa Esperanca

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The Story

Fazenda Boa Esperança is located in the municipality of Ibiraci-Mg, Alta Mogiana region, with an average altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Having started the activities with the coffee culture in the year 1945, where the first coffee plantations were implanted in the region of Ibiraci.

Ten years ago Fazenda Boa Esperança began to be administered by the second generation of the family Faleiros, currently counting on the gradual introduction of the third generation.

The work in the coffee sector for the Faleiros Family is not seen as a source of income, but rather as a passion, each having a fundamental role in producing the best coffees. Always taking care that the tradition in the coffee sector is not lost in future generations. Fazenda Boa Esperança has an area of 169 hectares, containing in its coffee-growing area 135 hectares of coffee, 50% of which are made from Catuaí crops, and other varieties such as Acaiá, New World, and a small portion of Bourbon.

Currently, Fazenda has the highest technology in the production of coffee, always seeking innovations in the handling and drying of cafes, from suspended terracing, ladriados and even driers of the most modern, always seeking to improve the quality of drink of our coffee.





Alta Mogiana


Boa Esperanca


Rejane Faleiros de Morais


Catucai 2SL




1150 -1160m

Best for:


Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, hazelnuts, orange