Brazil Low Caf Daterra Reserve Pulped Anaerobic

  • Low caf "alternative" that will win over your tastebuds!
    This coffee is another delightful lot from Daterra Farm in Brazil. Milk chocolate intertwines with the fruity notes of strawberries and the sweetness of biscuits. Before even taking the first sip, you can enjoy the nutty aroma with delicate notes of licorice.

    This balanced coffee with only 0.4-0.6% of caffeine is a treat for anyone craving an evening cup or watching their caffeine intake. 

  • Origin:  Brazil
    Region:  Cerrado 
    Farm:  Daterra 
    Variety:  Aramosa and Laurina
    Process:  Natural & Pulped
    Elevation:  1150 m
    Best for:  Filter
    Strength:  Clean Medium Body
    Tasting Notes:  Strawberry, milk chocolate, biscuit