Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000

Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000

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The Story

This micro-mill is located in the pristine Dota Valley of Costa Rica at 2000 meters above sea level, hence the name Santa Teresa 2000.  An ideal location for processing coffee as it has a consistently cool, crisp climate, with moderate amounts of sunshine rolling in through the course of the day.

Santa Teresa 2000 has over 10 different plots of land in which they're growing coffee throughout the Tarrazu region. All of these coffees are brought to the same micro-mill for processing.

The operation is run by a father, son combo, Roger and Alex Ureña, two very humble gentlemen, very well versed in all aspects of coffee. They have 13 small farms throughout the Dota Valley that collectively add up to about 30 hectares. The recurring theme of these farms are the high altitude, 1600m and above, and exotic varieties planted throughout them, including Geisha, Pacamara, Villalobos, Ethiopia 47, Typica Mejorado and more.

These Red Catuai cherries are pulped and left in tanks overnight, prior to being taken to raise beds to dry for 15 days, on average. The final 2 days are in controlled dryers to achieve optimal moisture.


Costa Rica


Dota Valley, Tarrazu.


Santa Teresa 2000


Roger and Alex Ureña


Red Catuai


White honey


2000 m

Use for:


Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, almonds, stone fruits