Yemen Gurmah Village

Yemen Gurmah Village

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The Details

Region: Haraz
Origin: Yemen
Variety: Jaadi
Process: Natural
Elevation: 2184m
Best for: Filter
Tasting Notes: Stone Fruits, Berries, Dates

The Story

Gurmah Village is at an altitude of approximetly 2184 m on the eastern part of Haraz (Yemen )where 46 families live and work in coffee growing. Galal has been in the coffee business for many years and has worked on his land and farms with his brothers for the past many years. Most of the lands were inherited from parents and grandparents for the past 500 years or more. As Galal and his brothers started the coffee business they have developed their farms and crops to the best quality thru years. Besides the farms Galal owns Hood Al Dai processing center that is also located in the village where he dries and processes coffee for his own crop and also for other farmers who have limited access to infrastructure. This specific lot No. 553 is an outstanding result of extraordinary cherries. The first red ripe cherries of the season have been manually and carefully hand-picked and dried for 15 days at Hood Al Dai processing center. The outcome was mind-blowing. In collaboration with Galal, the coffee has been fairly traded and named after the village to show appreciation and dedication to its beauty and history. Mokha King Coffee decided to partner with Ethica Coffee Roasters to present this coffee to Canadians and the world.