Honduras El Duranzo Washed

  • Perfect for all filter methods. Combining caramel and fruit flavours suggests a beautiful balance of sweetness and fruitiness, creating a complex and inviting aroma.

  • The zesty, tangy notes of citrus fruits add a delightful complexity to the flavour profile, making each sip a true pleasure. It provides a perfect finish, ensuring that the flavours linger pleasantly on the palate.

    The flavourful and balanced brew will delight the senses and provide a rich coffee experience.

  • Origin:  Honduras 
    Region:  La Paz
    Farm:  El Duranzo
    Producer:  Santos Aguire
    Variety:  Red Catuai
    Process:  Washed
    Elevation:  1800 m
    Best for:  Filter
    Strength:  Medium Body
    Tasting Notes:  Citrus, Caramel, Stone Fruits.