Yemen Red Haraaz

Yemen Red Haraaz

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Figs, apricots, raspberry jam.




Maiyan ( Mohammed Hiba)






1800 metres

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Farmers compare fruits of Haraz Red with Red Agate, the precious and famous Yemeni stone.

This coffee comes from the farm of a father and son that was inherited from grandparents, Mohammed and Hiba always loved their farm and their coffee and were against Qaat trees that invaded the country. This farm has approx. 3000 trees of coffee, and is located at an altitude of 1800 MASL on the mountain of Haraz, Yemen. The challenge of sustaining to live while Qaat is being planted everywhere has always been a challenge for them, but their belief, hard work and love to coffee always kept them strong and stable. Thru years of coffee growing and hard work they achieved a high standard of coffee quality in their farm, and in their last harvest they were successful to grow excellent coffee, and get the red ripe cherries of the harvest dried on raised beds to generate the great coffee you are drinking.