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Colombia Pink Bourbon Decaf EA Washed

  • A truly exceptional decaffeinated delight for coffee enthusiasts!
    Savour the dominant chocolate notes accompanied by a harmony of dry fruits sweetness and the refreshing tang of apple acidity. Every sip carries the essence of meticulous EA decaffeination, ensuring a distinctive experience that transcends expectations.

    Colombia Pink Bourbon Decaf captures the essence of rich, complex flavours without the buzz, making it an ideal choice for those who crave the refined pleasures of coffee without caffeine.
  • Origin:  Colombia
    Region:  Huila
    Farm:  Finca Las Flores, Finca La Granada, Finca El Porvenir
    Producer:  Edilberto Vergana, Rafael Aya Martinez, Juan Carlos Artunduaga,  Cesar Mauricio Figueroa, , Gabriel Castaño Buendia
    Variety:  Pink Bourbon
    Process:  Washed
    Elevation:  1600-1750 m
    Best for:  Filter or Espresso
    Strength:  Full Body
    Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, dry fruits, apple