Kenya Rung'eto Karimikui AA

Kenya Rung'eto Karimikui AA

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The Story

The Karimikui factory was established in 1966 and rests on 6 acres of land. It is affiliated with the Rungeto FCS in an area where tea plants are more abundant than coffee. The red volcanic soil here provides rich mineral content that is ideal for coffee growing, with yearly temperatures ranging from 13C to 24C. Total coffee production in this area consists of 99% SL-34 and SL-28 varieties.  This particular lot from the Karimikui factory has unparalleled quality and complexity that is a result of the excellent terroir and the factory's immaculate processing methods.

Bright juicy clean cup with mild acidity and wonderful flavour.

  • Origin: Kirinyaga
  • Cooperative: Rungeto FCS
  • Factory: Karimikui 
  • Variety:  SL-34, SL- 28
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1650 m
  • Fermentation: 16-24 hours
  • Drying time: 21 days
  • Tasting notes:Prunes, currant, black tea