Colombia Ortega Washed Forno Cultura Edition

  • This is our collaboration with one of the most extravagant bakeries in Toronto, named Forno Cultura.

    We're third-generation bakers who feed the local community with the true taste of Italy using only the finest of natural ingredients and organic flours.

    This juicy and sweet coffee is the brightest lot in our line. The aroma of white peach with grapefruit flavour and smooth aftertaste. Shiny is the best description for these beans.

    Origin: Colombia
    Region: Huila, San Augustin
    Farm: La Esmeralda
    Producer: Alejandro & Victor Ortega
    Variety: Pink Bourbon 
    Process: Washed
    Elevation: 1730 m
    Best for: Filter
    Strength: Medium Body
    Tasting Notes: Peach, citrus, caramel, apple.