Colombia Alejandro Ortega

Colombia Alejandro Ortega

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The Story

Farid Alejandro Ortega, also known as Alejo by friends and family, is a 26 year old

a coffee producer who lives in the area of La Muralla, about 15 minutes drive outside

of San Agustin, Huila. Like most of his extended family, he’s lived his whole life as a

coffee producer, and yet has had limited access to a direct market that grants him

knowledge of where his coffee ends up, and how it is appreciated by the clients who

drink it in consuming countries.

His father has been an active member of the Los Naranjos group, a series of small

producers who have been producing specialty-grade coffees for Cafe Imports for at least a decade. 

Alejo worked alongside his father as he grew up and contributed to the cultivation

and processing of coffees that were sold by his father as part of the group.


The following is a small note from Alejo, translated into English:

“My beginning as a coffee grower began as I watched my grandfather already

working in the coffee fields. They worked hard and did everything with love, and that’s why I fell in love also with coffee growing. I’m a coffee grower because I love the countryside and I love coffee. As a coffee grower, I feel great because coffee has

taught me how to be a better person — how to have patience and to do things with

dedication and love and as a coffee-growing family, coffee has united us even more

since we work side by side as a team in everything. I hope that coffee growing will

continue to teach me to be a better person and that I can help my family because I

know now that if I work hard, I can achieve whatever I wish.”


The Details




Huila. San Augustin


La Esmeralda


Farid Alejandro Ortega


Pink Bourbon




1730 m

Best for:


Tasting Notes:

Peach, apple, grapefruit, caramel.