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Colombia El Placer

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Colombia - El Placer

Laderas del Tapias is located in the Tapias River canyon, municipality of Neira, Caldas, Colombia's coffee heart. It is made up of the union of 4 farms: Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, La Graciela and Villa Inés which make up the Laderas del Tapias origin. We are part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Laderas del Tapias has a long tradition in coffee production. In the 30s of the last century, the first coffee hills were planted and during this period it has belonged to two families. Since 1980 it belongs to the family of the current owners who has expanded the cultivated area and have specialized the farm in the production of high-quality coffees. 

Region:     Caldas. ( Colombia).

Producer: Rodrigo Pelaez & Family

Farm:        Villa Ines by Laderas del Tapias

Process:   Natural

Variety:    Catiope

Elevation: 1900 m

Use for:    Filter

Notes:      Strawberry, chocolate, tropical.

Extremely sweet coffee with strawberry jam taste and hints of tropical fruits. A round velvet body and smooth aftertaste make it special.

Catiope is a hybrid between two very complementary varieties Castillo & Ethiope. It was developed by CENICAFE (Coffee Research Center from FNC in Colombia) in the early 2000s. Laderas del Tapias was one of the few farms selected in Colombia to experiment, plant and expand this amazing hybrid coffee profile as part of Caldas Specialty Coffee Portfolio.