Colombia Frank Torres Caturra Honey

  • In intergalactic collaboration with the rock band The Darcys! 
  • This Colombian coffee is a delicate and complex brew with a flavour profile that is both sweet and fruity. The first sip reveals sweetness reminiscent of caramel and juicy orange, balanced by a bright yet ripe acidity. Sweet melon-like aroma contributes to the perception of the flavourful brew and compliments the taste notes.

    Colombia Frank Torres Caturra Honey is a delightful representation of its origin and the honey processing method.

  • Origin: Colombia
    Region: Narino, La Union
    Farm: La Indonesia
    Producer: Frank Torres
    Variety: Caturra
    Process: Honey
    Elevation: 1750-1850 m
    Use For: Filter
    Strength: Medium body
    Tasting Notes: Orange, caramel, stone fruits, melon