Ethiopia Aricha Natural

Ethiopia Aricha Natural

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The Story

Aricha is back again for another year ) This year natural lot for espresso. Mr. Faysel is a talented, second-generation coffee producer who focuses on cultivating high-quality lots from Aricha. As evident from last year's lot, this area is known for producing some of the finest specialty coffees in Ethiopia. Mr. Faysel's natural
processed coffee stood out to us this year due to its incredible lemon-lime sweetness and bright complexity that shines on the table. The outstanding
quality revealed in the final cup can be largely attributed to the highly
experienced and hard-working farmers in the surrounding area of Aricha.

During harvest, ripe cherries from smallholder farmers are delivered to the station where it gets hand sorted for quality. After sorting, the cherries undergo a period of in-cherry fermentation for 12-15 days. Hand-sorting and manual rotation of the cherries on the drying bed occurs every few hours during the drying stage to ensure only the highest quality beans remain for exporting. The resulting coffee is incredibly unique and distinguished for its sweet, clean, and bright flavour profile.



Region: Sidama
W.Station Aricha






1950 - 2050 m

Best for:


Tasting Notes:

Citrus,honey, floral.