Ethiopia Chire Sidamo Natural

  • This coffee is for connoisseurs of extraordinary espresso. The aroma of elderflowers intertwines with the taste of blueberries and the sweetness of forest honey. Excellent with milk drinks as well.

    Due to its natural process and in-cherry fermentation, the final cup has a more creamy body and a sweeter flavour profile than its washed counterpart, making it ideal for espresso.
  • Origin: Ethiopia
    Region: West Sidamo
    Producer: Moplaco Trading PLC. Heleanna Georgalis
    Station: Bensa Chire Pulping & Processing PLC
    Variety: Heirlooms
    Process: Natural
    Elevation: 1900-2200 m
    Use for: Espresso
    Strength: Medium Body
    Tasting Notes: Floral, berries, honey