Ethiopia Shakisso Birbisa

Ethiopia Shakisso Birbisa

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This coffee grows under Indieginous shade trees. Farmers harvest and deliver only the fully ripened cherries to the collection center/drying station located in Shakisso region. When coffee gets to the drying station they are once more checked for only fully ripe cherries. Coffee is immediately put out onto a raised African bed while still fresh to protect fermentation. When coffee reaches desired humidity, they are placed into jute bags where they rest for a minimum of one month, this rest helps the flavour to settle and contributes to the overall quality of the cup.

Very balanced sweet coffee with a syrupy body and long aftertaste.

Origin: Guji

Region: Shakisso, Birbisa

Producer: Small farm holders

Process: Natural

Variety: Ethiopian heirlooms

Elevation: 2000 -2173 m

Use for: Espresso

Notes: Honey, blueberries, floral.