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About Us

Ethica Coffee Roasters

We really love what we do; coffee is our life. Our mission is to provide you with the best variety of coffee that the world has to offer.

At Ethica Coffee Roasters, we absolutely refuse to be satisfied with anything except for what is true.

Coffee moves us. And the way it's cared for speaks volumes about the delicate process of being cultivated, roasted, and brewed – an art form in its own right.

At Ethica Coffee Roasters you’ll find yourself leaving your daily tensions behind, inspired by a moment of honest, thoughtful reflection. 

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the mid-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza and his masterpiece, Ethics.

In Ethics, Spinoza seeks to explain how a human can be free in spite of the external factors of the environment and psychology.

According to Spinoza, desire is the engine of human movement; the “free [hu]man” is someone who understands their own compulsions and whose behaviour is determined by this understanding.

Spinoza believes this understanding of oneself is ethically transformative:

“Insofar as one understands, one can want nothing except what is necessary, nor be absolutely satisfied with anything except with what is true.”



“ETHICA” originates from the modern Greek word ἠθικόν and ancient Greek word ἦθος – ethos, meaning “character” or “custom.” It is a branch of philosophy aiming to explore the nature of morality.

Originally, ethos meant “joint dwelling”, the rules deriving from:

  • Co-existence
  • The norms uniting society
  • Overcoming individualism and aggressiveness

    Along with society’s evolution, the notion was extended by research concepts of conscience, good and evil, sympathy, friendship, the meaning of life, and self-sacrifice.

    The concepts elaborated by ethics – mercy, justice, friendship, solidarity, and others – govern moral development of social institutions and relations. 


    We are proud coffee-connoisseurs. We genuinely love coffee and are eager to share our passion and beautiful space with you!

    We only work with carefully selected, exceptionally specialty raw materials, as well as first-class processing equipment, to support our  coffee standards.


    High-quality raw materials can only become masterpieces when handled by the right craftsmen. The human element is a key part of our success and our employees are experts who love every bean of coffee they come across.


    In Spinoza’s masterpiece, he states that ethics is constantly in motion, developing, and improving itself. We believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish, as we always aim to strengthen and broaden our expertise.

    Ultimately, our commitment to our passion for a life enriched by coffee will set the foundation for our success.