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Brazil Ghost Natural

  • The vibrant complex of flavours, the marmalade body and the chocolate taste are surrounded by intense floral notes with stone fruit acidity. This micro lot from the Santa Monica farm in Brazil is roasted for espresso.

    The coffee is named Ghost in honour of the farm's mysterious past. When Jean bought the Santa Monica farm, the previous owner warned him about a ghost that appeared after sunset, driving many employees to quit. On the first day of purchase, Jean brought a priest to bless the land. Thankfully, no ghost was sighted. To this day, Jean Faleiros produces micro-lots with unique flavour profiles compared to other coffee from the Alta Mogiana region. Traces of supernatural? Let's find out together.

    Origin:  Brazil
    Region:  Alta Mogiana
    Farm:  Santa Monica
    Producer:  Jean Vilhena Faleiros
    Variety:  Catuai 99
    Process:  Fermented, Natural
    Elevation:  1220 m
    Best for:  Espresso
    Strength:  Full Body
    Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, floral, stone fruits