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Posters by Partisan Press special batch in collaboration with Ethica Roasters. Hand-printed in red directly from Moscow.

* 50x70cm / roughly! 20x28 inches. Does not come with a frame.

Partisan Press is a street-art project founded in 2017 by Moscow based letterpress studio Demon Press. We print posters using old soviet press, original Cyrillic wood type (we call it Narrow Beautiful, 1930-60s), vintage ink (we call it Red Hungarian, 1989) and current words. We print usually 20-30 pieces per time, sign date and number. Part we put into our collection, part sell in our web-shop, part paste up on street walls.

At the end of 2019 we were asked by Greg Koifman (Ethica Coffee Roasters) to print something in English. That was a start point of our Latin type posters history. The idea was to find a similar Latin typeface to make Latin part of the project as true type as Cyrillic. But there were some obstacles. We couldn’t find original wood type the same size as ours. After advice from our friend Jeff Pulaski we just added some laser-cut Latin letters to the original Cyrillic and saved the original character. Thanks to Covid’19 quarantine we had less usual commercial work but more time to print new posters. And we are happy to present it in Toronto.

Sergei Besov and Partisan Press team

August 10th, 2020