Hario V60 Dripper 02

Pourover is one of the most versatile brewing methods. You will get a chance to play with temperature, time and brewing patterns, yet V60 allows for sleepy morning mistakes as well as the nerdy precision brewing. Also have we mentioned cleaning? It doesn't get much easier than cleaning this.

02 (out of 3) stands for the medium size and unless you are drinking from espresso cups this is at most 2 cups per brew.

Choosing between plastic (white) and ceramic (red) is a personal preference, but here are some pros and cons:

Plastic is cheaper (duh), lighter and has fewer chances of breaking once you throw it in your sink too harshly. Snobs say it may give plasticy flavor, but are they brewing it with lava instead of water? We aren't sure. (only comes in white)

Ceramic feels way more solid, keeps the temperature better and gives absolutely no flavor of the material. Don't worry, it is not brittle like Queen's Elizabeth's personal porcelain collection and holds a drop. (only comes in red)

Both models require filters.